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Yorkshire Terrier

Rescue office ONLY
in Cherry Hill, NJ
(20 minutes outside Philadelphia)


Barbara Ross
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SOS DOGS is a  SMALL DOG RESCUE specializing in YORKIES, WESTIES and MALTESE and other toy breeds.  Since 1990, SOS DOGS has been finding loving permanent homes for small dogs whose owners can no longer keep them, who are in puppy mills and going to be discarded by either being starved or shot, in shelters and going to be put down, who are injured and whose owners canot afford to care for them and will put them down, or dogs who are in urgent need of our care for other reasons.  We do what is needed to help these dogs, meeting medical needs and providing training,  and then find them perfect forever homes. We are now an advocate for YORKIES, WESTIE AND MALTESE but will also help with some other little non-shedding dogs, carefully screening prospective homes and selecting only the best homes for our fur children, and we have placed every single dog!  Our adopters must be experienced dog owners, must not leave the dog alone all day while they work, and must have a great love for animals.  We are a 501c3 registered non-profit organization, located in NJ but serving the entire mid-Atlantic region (MA to VA). All of our dogs are given needed medical treatment, surgeries, altered, shots, training and socialization and are incredibly precious to us.     mmmM








We don't just do owner surrenders. We also do...


We rescue breeding dogs out of Lancaster County puppy mills. This is how they look when we get them.  If you want to see what was under this mess and more "after" mill breeding dog pictures, read about what they have endured and learn what we do to get them ready to be your best pet ever, just Click here.

Here you can also read more testimonials like this one from adopters:

I have heard that these puppy mill dogs really do make the BEST pets, that they are the most loyal and loving of pets and I am now a firm believer in that.  Ginny is really living testimonial to the beauty, kindness, loyalty, gratitude and love of a mill dog.  This baby follows me EVERYWHERE...she gives more love and asks for more cuddles than any of the dogs I have ever parented.  She frequently stares at me with her big brown eyes with such intensity that I just want to melt. This little girl is the delight of our house - although she is still quite shy when she meets a newcomer, she is sooooo well adjusted now and the HAPPIEST puppy you want to meet. . . she makes us laugh as she has become quite the little clown and tease.  She warms our hearts with her gentle and loving ways - there is something about her that is incredibly tender and angelic.  I could not possibly imagine our family without her anymore.  Thanks sooooooo much for giving us the little blessing of Ginny!

P. J. Sackerman

Volunteers Needed!
  • FOSTER!!! We need volunteers in the southern NJ area who are willing to foster a small dog for a few weeks.
  • Experienced temperament evaluators and trainers who can foster while evaluating and training.
  • Fundraisers who would like to donate their time and skills to raise funds for SOS Dogs.

If interested, contact us
or click here for more details...

Make a TAX DEDUCTIBLE Donation
As a 501(c)3 non profit volunteer organization,  all donations are fully tax deductible. 

Donate instantly through PAYPAL and print your own receipt for charitable tax deductions:

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Or if you would like to mail a donation, just contact us and we will tell you where.


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